1989 Mustang LX Coupe


Stock car with GT-40
intake, 4.10 gear,
and full length
headers ran around
13.50 at 104 MPH in
1/4 mile. This was
my baseline.

First change was
cylinder head and
camshaft change in
1989 Mustang LX. I
added a Ford
Motorsport F303
camshaft and TFS
Twisted Wedge
cylinder heads and







these changes the
car made about 330
rear wheel
horsepower, and
still managed 18 MPG
average mileage. 1/4
mile ET was 12.20’s and 110 MPH.


stage was adding a
supercharger. I
installed a Vortech
supercharger but
because of the stock
block and
assembly I kept
boost to 8 pounds. I
also made the
following changes:

boost gauge

30 lb/hr injectors

Tweecer to read and
adjust computer

Innovate Oxygen
sensor and data
recorder to read and
monitor air/fuel
ratio. This ensures
the engine does not
get lean and burn
pistons or break
parts from
detonating from lean
mixture under boost.


The car now ran 10.50’s at 120 MPH.



This is how the car
looks from the
outside. It is built
to look totally




I lost the T5 transmission and installed a TKO-600 with a RST
clutch system.

I added a V2ti, ran a few passes right at 10 flats, and
lost the engine.


 So now on to stage II.

since May 26, 2009