Collins Radio Cedar Rapids

Collins Radio Cedar Rapids

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The following
photos are from my
visit to Collins in
the mid-90’s.


Collins radio Cedar Rapids antennas mid-90's

1.) feed lines and
antenna farm



Various directonal arrays at Collins Radio

2.) Directional




More views of the directional arrays at Cedar Rapids

3.) Directional


Broadband Collins Discone antenna, vertically polarized

4.) Discone



Small curtain array between two tallest towers Collins Radio

5.) Directional
curtain array hangs between
two tallest towers


Log periodic array, at Collins in Cedar Rapids Iowa

7.) Collins log periodic antennas



Part of Collins museum display and history

8.) Jewel in the



Old Collins radio transmitters on display

9.) Old transmitters on display



Collins Plant S-Line station in 1996

10.) Collins club station