Preamp HF 160 meter DX receiving summary

Preamp Summary

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When comparing low-band preamplifiers the important
parameter is almost always output TOI. 

Output third order intercept is a measurement standard of how well the
amplifier stands up to strong signals with creating new “phantom”
signals through unwanted mixing.

Type Advertised range NF Gain peak OUTPUT TOI

(third order intercept)

1dB gain compression (output)
ARR 1-30 1-30MHz 5.43dB 20.4dB@13MHz 30.38dBm 21.5dBm
ARR GAsFET single band 3.2dB  26.4dB 11.39dBm 8.1dBm
DXE RPA-1 200kHz-40MHz 3.4dB 17.3@5MHz 43.04 dBm 26dBm
ICE 124A   4.2dB   14.05 dBm  
KD9SV 160M/80M 4.9dB   14.02@full gain

0.14 dBm@12dB below full gain



Note: These are measurements of a single new random sample that
appear to be working properly, with no noticeable defects in components or